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Successful award for Konica Minolta on a new National Framework to deliver Multifunctional Devices and Digital Transformation Solutions to the UK Education and Public Sectors

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce its success in being awarded a place on the latest iteration of the Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC), Framework, on both Lot 1 (Multifunctional Devices and Associated Services and Supplies) and Lot 2 (Digital Transformation Solutions). The Framework is a national agreement that aims to provide the UK education and public sectors with the best value.

Education establishments are a notable beneficiary of the Framework, a sector that has long been served well by Konica Minolta print solutions, IT services and support.


Reflecting upon the company’s award, Jonathan Smith, Head of Public Sector at Konica Minolta commented, “We are thrilled to be included on this new Framework which provides customers with guidance on procuring the right technology solutions to meet their requirements, including comprehensive tailored support. Along with multifunctional print devices, we will also be delivering digital transformation solutions which are essential for organisations looking to embrace greater working flexibility and the evolution of their workflow practices – the importance of which have become very clear over the last 12 months of disruptions. As providers of essential services, education establishments and public sector organisations need to be investing in digital transformation and doing so with suppliers they can trust.”


The Framework is contract managed on behalf of CPC by the Dukefield Group Ltd. One of the objectives of the Framework is to match public sector customers with the right suppliers. Jon Chamberlain, Group Chief Executive Officer at Dukefield Group explained, “A key driver behind this latest iteration of the framework is to provide customers with a choice of excellent suppliers, with a diverse range of offerings that meet the specific needs of buyers. This enables them to transform the services they provide whilst also realising greater efficiencies.”


Since its initial inclusion on the CPC Framework 10 years ago, Konica Minolta (and the Framework itself) have seen year-on-year growth, with the company currently supporting over 10,203 devices across 1,473 CPC Framework customers. With over 7,800 members, the CPC Framework has aims to expand its footprint within the wider public sector, to deliver its considerable expertise and benefits to a broader range of potential customer organisations.

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