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Talent Training (UK) LLP have gone into administration, it was announced today (14 Sep), after they were found to be in breach of the latest ESFA funding rules:

Apprenticeship funding and performance-management rules for training providers “You must not pay incentives or inducements or any other payment not authorised by us to the employer, in relation to any part of the apprenticeship programme,” 

MarkDawe 100x100Responding, Mark Dawe, CEO, Association of Employment and Learning Providers, said:

“The ESFA has been very clear that funding and taxpayers’ money should never be handed back to the employer in any form of unauthorised rebate or kickback, outside of the approved government incentive payments.

“Ultimately, anyone who is found to have broken or manipulated the rules should be held to account and dealt with appropriately by the ESFA.

“This appears to be the case in this instance, and it should send out a strong message to all providers and employers that abusing the system will not be tolerated.”

Notice timeline for TALENT TRAINING (UK) LLP (OC327583)

  1. Appointment of Administrators: 
  2. Meetings of Creditors
  3. Notices to Creditors
  4. Appointment of Liquidators

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