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The City & Guilds Group to launch new digital credentialing business, DigitalMe

The City & Guilds Group has today announced the creation of a new digital credentialing services business, DigitalMe. Following the acquisition of both Makewaves and its sister organisation DigitalMe – a not-for-profit organisation – the new business will be known solely as DigitalMe.

DigitalMe and Makewaves design credentials, using open badges, to recognise individuals’ skills and talents. They work with employers and training providers, and some of their existing clients include Mozilla, O2, the BBC and over 2000 schools across the UK. 

The use of digital credentials has grown significantly over the past few years. They provide an innovative way to recognise and validate individuals’ competencies, while helping employers find the talented individuals their businesses need. DigitalMe will offer a range of design, consultancy and platform services to enable education providers, employers and professional bodies to issue their own trusted credentials.

The City & Guilds Group has been expanding its capability in digital credentialing over the past year. In March 2016, it announced an investment into Credly, a US-based digital credentialing provider, as part of its New Venture Fund. Together, the investments in DigitalMe and Credly will place the Group at the centre of the digital credentialing movement.

Speaking about the investment, Chris Jones, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group said: ‘We have always been at the forefront of skills development, ever since we were first established in 1878, so our new digital credentialing business is a natural next step for us. And we’re delighted to bring DigitalMe and Makewaves into the Group. By adopting the Open Badge standard and combining it with our expertise in accreditation and assessment, we can help even more people validate their skills and competencies. Our strong brands and complementary values – as well as our commitment to shaping the future of skills development – will position us to lead this emerging global movement.’

Tim Riches, Founder & Executive Director, DigitalMe said: ‘Over the past five years at DigitalMe, we’ve seen how the web can transform how we validate learning wherever it happens, through using the Open Badge standard developed by Mozilla Foundation. We’re proud to have been at the forefront of this movement, supporting educators and employers to create and issue their digital credentials. By joining the City & Guilds Group and aligning our expertise we are looking forward to working towards the creation of a global skills currency which enables individuals to achieve their career aspirations and businesses to find and develop the talent they need.’

Mark Riches, Founder & Executive Director, Makewaves said: ‘For over a decade Makewaves has built award winning communities and ground breaking technology that open up new opportunities for learners. With and any organisation can now create their own Open Badge programmes. Learners of all ages can discover and earn 1000s of badges created by educators and organisations from around the world. By joining the City & Guilds Group, we gain a huge breadth of knowledge and experience and the resource to provide new opportunities to people internationally.’

Mark Surman, Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation said:  ‘At Mozilla, we’re devoted to empowering individuals on the web. This means creating tools and networks that teach important digital-age skills. However, in order for this value proposition to be fully realised, Open Badges need to be underpinned by an active network of committed players who support the evolution of the technical infrastructure, compelling educational content and advocacy work. We’re excited to see that the City & Guilds Group is investing in DigitalMe and Makewaves and working with employers to unlock real opportunities for individuals.’

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