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The Importance of GDPR Training For Employees


GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is a piece of legislation that was passed in 2018 to protect personal data across the EU and European Economic Area (EEA). For companies that handle personal data, GDPR compliance has become a fundamental aspect of their everyday operations. Not only do they have a responsibility to protect the data for the benefit of the individual, but failing to do so can have a seriously negative effect on their business.

For the employee, GDPR training will help to ensure that you continue to carry out their job to the best of their ability. Training will help you to avoid any mistakes that could lead to a breach in data protection. A breach that is not handled in the correct way can be catastrophic for both you and your organisation. It is integral that you understand fully how to deal with personal data, which includes data sharing, handling requests, records management, as well as knowing what to do in the case of a data breach.

The Different GDPR Training Courses

GDPR is a broad piece of legislation that is relevant to a number of different aspects of an organisation, therefore there are a wealth of options when choosing a course. It’s important to find a GDPR course that is relevant to you and your role to ensure that you get the right level of understanding and skills to stay compliant. For example, an individual in Human Resources will require vastly different training to an employee that deals with IT systems and software engineering.  

The level of training must also be taken into account as not all employees will require the same level of qualification. GDPR training providers such as Freevacy offer a BCS Foundation Certificate that is suitable for employees that are involved in the collection and usage of personal information. For DPO’s and compliance professionals, they offer the BCS Practitioner Certificate, and for individuals with information access responsibilities under the FOIA and EIR, there is the BCS Practitioner Certificate.   

Team GDPR Training

Team training can be more cost effective than individual training and it ensures that all staff remain consistent in the knowledge of GDPR. It can also be beneficial for staff as everyone will be equipped with the same knowledge, so that should a member of the team require a reminder on a certain topic, other team members will be there to support. Team training is usually used for refreshing a department’s knowledge that may not have had GDPR training for some time.   

Individual GDPR Training

Individual training is a great option for anyone looking to better their own skillet. These training courses are perfect for new employees who need to get up to speed with GDPR compliance, or for any individual that requires a refresher course to refresh their knowledge. They can also be useful for individuals who have changed roles into a position that now requires a GDPR qualification. 

Online GDPR Training   

Online GDPR training is a good option as it provides a more flexible approach to learning. Employees will save on travel costs and will be more likely to attend due to the flexibility of online learning. Pre-recorded training courses will offer an even great level of flexibility as employees can learn at a time that suits them. 

In-Person GDPR Training  

In-person learning is a good way of carrying out GDPR training, as it has the ability to increase the retention of information. Some employees will prefer to work on their qualification face-to-face, and it provides a good opportunity to learn together and discuss information. 

Benefits of Having a GDPR Qualification

GDPR training not only benefits the organisation, but it also helps to strengthen the knowledge of employees as well. Firstly, it will give you the knowledge of how to stay GDPR compliant, which is essential knowledge for any company that deals with personal data. Having a GDPR qualification will only strengthen your CV and boost your chances of acquiring a position where GDPR compliance is required.

Training will help to give an overview of what GDPR is and how it can be used to benefit the entire organisation. By acquiring a GDPR qualification, you can be sure that your knowledge aligns with the rest of your workplace to ensure that you all have the skills and knowledge to prevent and deal with potential breaches. Not only this, but GDPR compliance supports you should any claims be made against you. This is because all of your training is documented, which will provide evidence that you have taken the correct steps as per your training should a breach take place. 

In the workplace, GDPR training will provide you with the essential knowledge on how to remain GDPR compliant. With proper training, the risk of human error is greatly reduced, which is one of the leading causes of data breaches. Data breaches are costly to both you as an individual and the organisation that you represent.  

If you are interested in getting a GDPR qualification, there are a number of different course providers available. Freevacy is one of the UK’s leading independent GDPR training course providers and they have a range of BCS and IAPP accredited training courses available.

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