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The Open University and the Royal Photographic Society launch ‘photography bootcamp’ microcredential to develop budding professionals

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The @OpenUniversity and the Royal Photographic Society @The_RPS launch ‘photography bootcamp’ #microcredential to develop budding professionals 

The Open University has launched a new microcredential called Digital Photography: Creating a Professional Portfolio, endorsed by The Royal Photographic Society (RPS), available to join now on

According to a report from IbisWorld, the photography industry generated £2 billion in revenue in the UK last year and the demand for professional photography and digital imagery is expected to continue to increase.

The Digital Photography: Creating a Professional Portfolio microcredential aims to help learners to develop a high quality portfolio of professional work and equip them with key skills, including how to critically evaluate and edit images and how to communicate vision and intent. Learners will engage with both practical and theoretical work and will be able to share their work and receive feedback from a supportive online community. 

Learners that pass the final assessment will be awarded 10 UK credits at Undergraduate level from The Open University. The assessment will require learners to submit a panel of images in a genre of their choice and a written Statement of Intent as part of a cohesive portfolio of work. Learners will receive feedback from experienced professionals and will also be provided with guidance on how to prepare for the Royal Photographic Society assessment panel, should they wish to take their learning further. 

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The microcredential closes for enrolment on 23 March and begins on 30 March. 

Stephen Peake, Senior Lecturer in Environment at The Open University and lead educator on the microcredential said: “Photographers grow in spurts. This exciting new microcredential is designed to ignite the drive and imagination of good amateur photographers and takes them to the next level where they are able to skillfully deploy their visual and technical skills in service of their professional ambitions.”

Simon Nelson, Chief Executive of FutureLearn commented: “Microcredentials are accredited, online courses designed to help learners build specialised skills relevant to their career. This microcredential will allow photographers to take their skills to the next level and create a portfolio of work they can be proud of. Photography is an exciting and expanding industry and this microcredential is a great way for people to take that step up from a hobby to a more professional level.” 

Microcredentials are accredited, online courses designed to help learners build specialised skills relevant to their career. They provide the flexibility to learn alongside work and other commitments and can result in academic and professional credit to help learners advance in their careers.

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