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Thought provoking panel session on diversity and inclusion set for Developing Quality Apprenticeships Conference

Tuesday 19th October will see five key speakers from the apprenticeship sector come together in a rare opportunity to debate and explore how young, disadvantaged people can be supported into apprenticeships.

Hosted by Amazing Apprenticeships and Youth Employment UK, the session will begin with Louise Wright, deputy director of the Department for Education who is at the forefront of working in policy and who will set out the steps that ESFA is taking to ensure that access to apprenticeships is widened.

An exciting panel will then take to the virtual stage made up of Tom Richmond, director of the think tank EDSK, Edward Donkor, engagement lead at the Social Mobility Commission and Steve Haines, director of public affairs at Impetus.

Renowned for their somewhat controversial report ‘Runaway Training’, Richmond, EDSK, will draw on the findings of their 2020 report and debate how the Apprenticeship Levy could be better used to create a more quality apprenticeship system. Donkor of the Social Mobility Commission will reflect on the SMC’s latest reports and upcoming Social Mobility Toolkit release, offering practical advice and guidance for employers. Haines, who has worked extensively with grassroots charities supporting some of our most disadvantaged and disengaged individuals in the country, will explore exactly what high-quality apprenticeships really look like for disadvantaged young people.

Finally, Jonathan Smith of Essex County Council will outline the success and learnings of the successful inclusive apprenticeship model that he has worked hard to establish, whereby individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities work with local employers and training providers in an inclusive and supported way.

“The conference is shaping up to be an incredibly interesting morning with something for businesses and training providers at every stage of the social mobility agenda,” said Anna Morrison CBE, Amazing Apprenticeships. “Bringing such a thought-provoking and forward-thinking group of speakers together is rarely achieved and we are excited to host these sessions for businesses, providers and sector stakeholders ready to affect change for the better when it comes to supporting those from a lower socio-economic background.”

Limited spots are available for this session and the subsequent two in the series,

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