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Brunel University brings Handshake on board to power virtual career fairs

 Brunel University (@Bruneluni), London, Chooses Handshake to Power Virtual Careers Fairs 

Handshake (@JoinHandshakeUK), the largest early career network, has been selected by Brunel University, London, to power its Virtual Career Fairs in the academic year ahead.

As well as being able to host its own events, Brunel will benefit from a packed schedule of existing fairs this term, kicking off with a series hosted by Handshake. Handshake’s Virtual Fairs series includes a ‘Careers in Tech’ Virtual Fair on Wednesday, September 29, which presents a valuable opportunity for all students across the UK to connect with fast-growing startups and Fortune 500 Companies in the tech sector, and the ‘Careers in Business’ Virtual Fair, on Wednesday, October 6.

Since launching Virtual Career Fairs as a response to Covid-19 and the resulting, overnight shift in HE practices, Handshake has hosted more than 4,620 Career Fairs in the system, creating millions of authentic student and employer connections. Within this tool, Handshake supports 1:1 video chats for all organisation sizes and levels, and large-group video sessions.

Dimitar Stanimiroff, General Manager EMEA at Handshake said:

“Virtual Careers Fairs have been a lynchpin for university careers services, students and employers over the last eighteen months, as they’ve adopted digital technologies in the face of Covid-19. But it’s apparent the appeal of Virtual  Careers Fairs will endure long after the pandemic is over. They provide enhanced flexibility, and for many students a more comfortable environment to meet potential employers. We’re delighted that Brunel’s student body will be able to benefit from Handshake, joining hundreds of thousands of  students already on the platform.”

Emma Gilbert, Employer Engagement Manager, Brunel University London said:

“The Handshake platform will help us to connect students with potential employers in an accessible and flexible way, helping them to access a wealth of exciting career opportunities. Handshake, as our chosen platform to host virtual careers fairs, will be key to achieving our aim to provide a variety of opportunities, to all students, regardless of who they know and the connections they already have.”

Handshake aims to tear down structural barriers in the UK jobs market and help recruiters proactively engage with candidates based on their potential and aptitude for a role rather than their background or existing connections. This means that universities can unlock access to the broadest range of employment opportunities. It also means that businesses can significantly widen the talent pools they recruit from and help to level the playing field for students without a network.

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