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UCL launch world’s first business school dedicated to health to address challenges in health sector

With a vision to create a world-leading business school focused on health, the UCL Global Business School for Health (@ucl_GBSH) launchesd in September to train a new generation of students focused on healthcare management and leadership.

As the world’s first business school dedicated to health and healthcare management, the UCL GBSH aims to elevate the global impact of healthcare delivery and transform healthcare access, experience, and outcomes around the world by empowering healthcare management leaders of the future through high-quality education.

The new school will address issues seen in the global health sector, including labour shortages and gender inequality in leadership, as well as other challenges brought to the forefront throughout the pandemic. This includes aging populations, increases in non-communicable diseases, inefficiencies, gender inequalities in leadership, and rising costs.

The school will do this through offering short courses, Executive Education, and online and Master’s programmes, including Health Policy and Practice, an MSc in Digital Health and Entrepreneurship, and an MBA Health, which will be welcoming the first cohort in 2022, and many more.

Nora Colton, Director of the UCL GBSH, says,

“The launch of the UCL GBSH could not come at a better time. We have a labour force that’s too small for the growing demand for healthcare. By 2030, it has been found that we will be 15 million health workers short of meeting demand in the global healthcare system.

“We need to not just increase the number of people working in healthcare, but we really need to make them comfortable with technology, with analytics, with leveraging that and working across multidisciplinary sectors to solve these big health challenges. And that is what this school is all about – we’re a business school with health so we work across a lot of different faculties.”

Dr Michael Spence, UCL President & Provost, says,

“UCL is driven by our mission to solve the world’s most pressing issues so I am proud to announce that we are the first university to launch a new business school dedicated purely to global health. With healthcare systems facing unprecedented global challenges such as growing inequality and a rise in non-communicable diseases, I can think of no better time for us to be equipping the next generation of healthcare professionals with the skills to meet these.”

After affecting economies and healthcare systems worldwide, the pandemic has further exposed the challenges and problems healthcare faces and the UCL GBSH aims to equip leading professionals with the necessary skills to meet these challenges.

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