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Ufi Congratulates Top 100 Innovators

Entreprenurial Excellence

The list celebrates excellence in innovation from across the UK and has people on it who own a wide range of ideas and products including a wellbeing community platform, AI-driven drug research, and even flexible insurance for niche businesses.

Mike Biscoe, General Manager of Maserati GB said;

“Each year we are impressed by the quality of entrepreneurs recognised, and it’s great to continue to see such a diverse mix of talented individuals who are all doing something incredible in their chosen fields of business.”

(Biscoe’s quote from the orginal Maserati article which can be found here.)

The Ufi Projects Featured

The list celebrates the innovators as opposed to the innovations so we haven’t directly had our projects listed but it’s often important to recognise the people who lead the projects that we fund as they are key players in helping us achieve a better skilled UK workforce.

Our two project owners featured in the list are Veejay Lingiah from Learning Labs and Becky Sage from Interactive Scientific.

Rebecca Garrod-Waters, CEO of Ufi Charitable responded to the news by saying;

“It’s fantastic that Veejay Lingiah and Becky Sage have been recognised on the ‘Maserati 100’ list and it rewards them for the brilliant work they are doing in enabling people to access and develop skills needed for work. It’s inspiring to see how many people benefit from our funding in so many ways and we rely heavily on passionate people like Veejay and Becky to create the future of workplace learning”

Learning Labs – Flash Academy

Veejay was talking to us last year, at our annual #VocTech Showcase, about his workplace learning app that helps employers to deliver Health & Safety and Technical English training to employees that do not have English as their first language;

“VocTech has the capability to transform accessibility to learning for employees and make it easier for employers to deliver that learning.”

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Interactive Scientific – Nano Simbox

Interactive Scientific use immersive technology so you can step into the virtual world of atoms and interact with science to develop new skills and knowledge like never before. Also at our annual Showcase, Becky added;

“VocTech brings both learning and science research together, so that people can improve their understanding and their capabilities, all while getting on with their jobs.”

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Through our funding we are able to give more opportunity for people to access the skills they need for work. We operate funding calls throughout the year which offer grants ranging from £50,000 to £300,000.

Mike Biscoe’s quote in the above article was not provided directly for Ufi Charitable Trust and should not be treated as an affiliation with Maserati. Quote was taken from the orginal Maserati article which can be found at the following URL

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