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Most British kids won’t have been missing lessons too much over the holidays, but with school set to start again next week there’s one subject they’ll be relishing getting back to more than most. And it’s not PE.

A poll of British school kids by quick revision and learning website, Education Quizzes, found that their favourite subject at school isn’t Physical Education, as many of us would think, but Maths. Yes, Maths — the one with the fractions, times tables and equations.

Education Quizzes polled 777 school kids aged 5–17 and the results showed Maths, with 26% of the vote, is their favourite subject by a country mile. In fact, it’s so popular that the combined total of all the science subjects put together — Science (10%), Biology (6%), Chemistry (4%) and Physics (2%) — fell short of it, with just 22%.

Meanwhile, just 8% of the school kids polled said History is their favourite subject, which suggests they’re more interested in the future than the past. Or maybe not: surprisingly, Information and Communications Technology performed even worse, with only 7% of the vote.

It’s well known that most school kids look forward to PE lessons and this proved to be the case in the Education Quizzes poll, with 18% saying Physical Education is their preferred subject in school, making it pupils’ second favourite subject. English was the third favourite subject with the UK’s school kids, securing 14% of the vote.

With just 2% of the vote, Physics is the least popular subject among British school kids, with Geography second from bottom on just under 4%.

Colin King, Founder, Education Quizzes, commented:

“Maths is often perceived to be the scariest of school subjects so it’s fantastic that British school kids name it as their favourite lesson. In one way or another, Maths is integral to most occupations and so it’s great that kids are embracing it, as it will stand them in good stead for the future. In the digital age, and with the amount of time kids spend on computers, we would have expected ICT to have been slightly higher up the rankings, but perhaps kids these days take that lesson in their strides. What we do know is that Einstein and Newton will be turning in their graves at the fact that just 2% of the UK’s school kids named physics as their favourite subject.”

Education Quizzes polled 777 school children aged 5–17 in the week ending 18th August 2019.

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