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WHAT IF workshop during #VDEF21 Facilitators: Sudebi Thakurata along with Probal Banerjee

WHAT IF workshop during #VDEF21 Facilitators: Sudebi Thakurata along with Probal Banerjee 


This is a part of the larger work on Future Literacy, Fluency, Competency and Consciousness that Sudebi and Probal have been working on for the last few years at their Design Collective, D.epicentre, in a diverse range of contexts and this year they have worked in the contexts of primarily South-East Asia in the context of creative economy in a programme called Meeting Point: Revealing Contexts, they did a workshop for the AIGA SHIFT-ED conference with Design Educators and Sudebi is also one of the five global Innovators for International Teaching Artists Collective working on the same.

The idea is that the key narratives, learnings and findings from all of these will be co-created and disseminated through creative forms, with relevant people across many regions.

Using approaches, tools, frameworks and methodologies designed at D.epicentre, they would like to explore:

  • What do future competency and fluency mean in design, arts and creative sectors?
  • In a VUCA Pandemic affected world, how do creative practitioners hone the relevant skills?
  • Can the creative economy be separated from social and ecological action?

In this highly engaging, reflective, provocative, facilitated, immersive and dialogic set of workshops they would open up possibilities for people to reflect on their own experiences, identify where the gaps are and share perspectives around how collective action can be taken to be future-ready.

This session will engage participants around what skills and competencies we think we should be equipping people with now, to ensure they are ready for the future.

With constantly evolving skill sets, changing contexts, and new kinds of knowledge and wisdom required, what is the role of especially educators in supporting them effectively?

How can we make sure we are preparing future practitioners with capabilities of the future and not those of the past?

This session will examine the role of especially design educators, and the challenges/barriers which are present, in relation to future-consciousness building in creative ways. The conversation will be supported by the trans-disciplinary design collective D.epicentre and the work they have been doing on Futures for the last few years.

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