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Lib Dem Peer to introduce mental health support to all schools

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On Monday, Baroness Tyler will be introducing a Bill requiring every school to have access to a qualified mental health professional. 

The Bill places a duty on the governing body of a state school to provide access to a qualified mental health practitioner or school counsellor, but also recognises that certain small schools – those with 100 pupils or fewer – may find it more difficult to comply. Which is why the Bill allows for small schools to band together and share access to mental health support. 

If passed, the Bill will ensure that this extra mental health support for pupils is funded by the Government, providing certainty and clarity to schools on where the money will come from.

This comes after shocking new data from the NHS England released last week shows that one in five children and young people in England aged eight to 25 had a probable mental health disorder in 2023.

Ahead of the introduction of the bill, Baroness Tyler said: 

“This Bill is vital for school children across the country who are being failed by the complete inadequacy of current mental health services to support their mental health, leaving young people across the country vulnerable and isolated.

“We know that children are increasingly suffering with their mental health, and this crisis cannot continue. I am hopeful that this bill will help young people feel supported with the tools they need to cope with challenges that come their way.”

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