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Car fleet goes fully electric

Electric cars

Borders College has recently completed a significant upgrade to its vehicle fleet, completely replacing all conventional cars with eco-friendly electric Nissan Leafs. As part of this transition, the college has further expanded its electric fleet by acquiring three brand-new cars, thereby increasing the total number of electric vehicles available for staff business use to five. This move demonstrates the college’s commitment to sustainability and its proactive efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Director of Facilities at Borders College, Robert Hewitt, said:

“Borders College remains at the forefront of innovation and progress in its pursuit of a sustainable future. The college has been proactive in its efforts to align with the Scottish Government’s objective of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. By implementing effective measures, Borders College actively contributes to this important environmental target. Through its commitment to sustainability, the college sets an example for others, demonstrating the significant impact that educational institutions can have in creating a greener and more sustainable society.”

Electricity for the charging points at Scottish Borders Campus is generated from onsite Solar panels, which additionally helps to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce running costs.

The electric Nissan Leafs in Borders College’s fleet boast an impressive average battery life of over seven years. Not only that but their running costs are estimated to be approximately 10p per mile, making them highly economical. These cars are built to last, with a projected life expectancy of up to 20 years. This long lifespan ensures that the college can enjoy the savings and benefits of these electric vehicles while significantly reducing their carbon footprint. It is expected that these sustainable practices will continue to positively impact the college’s carbon savings for many years to come.

Borders College has installed a total of eight charging points: Four at Scottish Borders Campus and four at the Hawick Campus, which allow six cars to be charged simultaneously.

In February, Borders College achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first college in Scotland to introduce a fully-electric utility-terrain vehicle (UTV) to its campus. This pioneering move highlights the college’s commitment to embracing innovative and sustainable solutions. By incorporating this electric UTV into its operations, Borders College sets an example for other educational institutions in Scotland, demonstrating the potential for utilising eco-friendly vehicles in college environments.

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