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New Research Unveils Crucial Insights for Student Accommodation

  • Groundbreaking research on ‘The Global Perspective of Student Accommodation’ highlights cultural differences among students which can be used to help enhance student experiences for the future
  • Sense of community identified as key driver for international students compared to domestic
  • Over half (55%) of international students are more interested in volunteering or working in their host country than domestic students to feel part of a community
  • Over three fifths of international students (61%) felt it was important to live with people who have environmentally friendly habits
  • ‘The Global Perspective of Student Accommodation’ research reaffirms Yugo’s position as a leader in student accommodation, setting new standards for inclusivity and cultural sensitivity in the industry

The global student housing brand and operator, Yugo, unveils groundbreaking results from their latest research on ‘The Global Perspective of Student Accommodation’, led by The Property Marketing Strategists. The research was conducted in partnership with Yugo and University Living, helping to shed light on the diverse cultural needs of students on a global scale.

Conducted across multiple Yugo spaces, the research delved into the cultural nuances and preferences of students from the UK & Ireland, Europe, Australia, and the UAE. The findings revealed rich cultural diversity among Yugo’s international students ranging from views on sustainability to social customs, study habits, and expectations of their living accommodation.

The research found that having a sense of community was a key driver for international students – valuing connections and community support, especially when living far from home. Yugo was able to recognise that more can be done to help foster relationships in accommodation for international students, as they are almost twice as likely (62%) to prioritise university friendships, over accommodation friends (32%). Despite this, three in five international students want to have friends who are housemates.

When it came to student opinions on events, the data indicated that Postgrads are more interested in the events than undergrads, citing 13% of undergrads having no interest in any events, vs 6% of postgrads.

Yugo’s creation of friendly community areas and the hosting of inclusive events through Yugo’s innovative ‘Live Your Best Life’ program, which also caters to post-graduates, encourage meaningful interactions between students that help foster a sense of belonging and long-lasting friendships. The ‘Live Your Best Life’ program, in collaboration with the Yugo’s defining brand pillars: YugoEco, YuGrow, and YuPro help to promote holistic wellbeing, and empower students to better the planet and thrive both academically and personally. Through the program, students get access to mental health resources, fitness facilities, wellness programs, LinkedIn workshops, interview training and many other events that help them begin extraordinary.

Student welfare and a sense of belonging is paramount to Yugo, so helping international students navigate academic and cultural transitions is key. In comparison to domestic students, international students showed more interest in Yugo’s ‘Live Your Best Life’ events. With over half (53%) of international students interested in attending film nights, cooking classes (45%), and CV writing workshops (41%).

Over half (55%) of international students are more interested in volunteering or working alongside their studies in their host country than domestic students are. Through volunteering and community-building events, international students feel more socially connected to their new environment. Yugo offers work opportunities for students, with 27% of students making up their global workforce, offering students the chance to be a part of Yugo’s global operations across the 9 countries that Yugo operates in.

The research identified that being environmentally conscious is also a significant priority for international students. Over three-fifths of international students (61%) felt it was important to live with people who have environmentally friendly habits.

When students were asked what sustainability features were important to them when they chose where to live, nearly 60% of students highlighted that energy-efficient infrastructure was key. Underpinned by the YugoEco brand pillar, Yugo responds to this call by implementing sustainable practices and waste reduction initiatives across all its spaces such as clothes swaps, and educatory programmes, such as The Carbon Literacy Project.

Commenting on the research findings, Joe Persechino, Chief Operating Officer of Yugo, said:

“At Yugo, we are deeply committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where every student feels valued and respected. Looking at the research holistically – it’s clear from the data that there are marked differences in attitudes from international students from different cultures. Understanding this nuance is important as these groups of students all have different wants and needs that are equally as important.

“These insights are crucial for Yugo, so we can further shape and tailor our accommodation offering and ‘Live Your Best Life’ program, based on student feedback to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment among our student community.”

Deenie Lee, Co-Founder and Director, The Property Marketing Strategists commented:

“This piece of research highlights how each demographic has nuanced needs and wants from their student accommodation. Therefore, it’s vital that universities share their admission ambitions with the PBSA sector who can support and enhance an accommodation provision that is tailor-made to the local market.”

Sarah Canning, Co-Founder and Director, The Property Marketing Strategists, added:

“We can’t look at student accommodation as separate to higher education. Students can only thrive if they’ve got somewhere to call home that supports and nurtures their studies. And universities should be using accommodation as one of their key selling points, especially when it comes to promoting their course to international students.”

In collaboration with The Property Marketing Strategists (TPMS), and University Living as the data partner, and Yugo as the Strategic Partner this latest research provides the university accommodation sector with real-life insight from students themselves, and paving the way for new and improved accommodation offerings that prioritise inclusivity and student welfare.

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