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Reel #7: Cognition and neurodiversity – the impacts in education

Cognition and neurodiversity – the impacts in education

The world of neurodiversity sees an almost infinite variation in how we think and learn.

Being neurodifferent can require support at varying degrees, and it’s important to understand the differences that will have more of an impact in education.

Cognitive differences are one such area.

In reel six of this ten-part series, Gavin O’Meara and Dr Louise Karwowski talk about the cognitive differences that commonly co-occur across different neurotypes, and why this area can be vital for understanding neurodiversity in education.

Gavin and Louise cover how understanding cognition can support:

  • Effective self-led learning
  • Identifying learning needs
  • Educational attainment
  • High-impact support
  • Better allocation of support and assistive tools

Understanding your learners requires a holistic approach, so it’s important to consider cognitive challenges alongside potential behavioural or mental health challenges.

But if a learner has fundamental challenges with the process of learning itself, this is going to create significant barrier to achievement without support and reasonable adjustments.

In the last episode, Gavin and Louise spoke about Learning Support Funding, which covers the cost of reasonable adjustments within apprenticeships.

As of 1 August 2023, it will be mandatory for providers to conduct a screening exercise for learning difficulties and disabilities during initial assessment.

This large shift in processes, alongside the wider SEND reforms, show a determined effort by the Government to see more accountability and support in place across education.

Providers need to think about how they will deliver robust and sustainable support.

Learning more about the kinds of differences that will impact your learners is part of that delivery and part of empowering people with the knowledge to support themselves in the workplace.

The future is neuro-inclusive, are you ready?

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