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Construction Women Are Using TikTok To Battle Discrimination

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This Women in Construction Week [6-12 March] Construction Women are using TikTok to show their competencies within this industry, prejudice and discrimination they face every day, and to inspire each other to speak up.

Workwear Guru looked into TikTok hashtags to analyse the challenges construction women face and through their videos we found a common thread among the discrimination, offenses, and bias they battle.

To better showcase these challenges, we interviewed some construction workers [TikTok users].

On this matter, Britney Mroczkowski a Designated Managing Broker adds that: 

“I feel the pressure needing to prove that I’m just as knowledgeable as the men on the team. There were times when I met subcontractors or other vendors on the construction site and they were shocked to hear my title or role in the project. However, after speaking with them for a few minutes they would usually relax and realize that I did in fact know what I was talking about.”

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