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42 London Coding School: The Path to Success Amid Clearing Uncertainty

42 London Coding School: The Path to Success Amid Clearing Uncertainty

As UK University clearing takes place, 42 London redefines coding education and presents itself as a smart choice for aspiring coders

UK students navigate university clearing, as uncertainty prevails and anxieties about career prospects abound. Meanwhile, the escalating tuition fees at universities have become a serious concern for a debt-laden future. Against this background, enrolment is currently open at 42 London, the recent addition to the prestigious 42 network that operates 50 campuses in 29 countries worldwide, offering innovative, tuition free education for a thriving career in tech.

Lilian Pontes, UK Country Director, explains:

“At 42 London, we believe that talent knows no financial boundaries. Our mission is to democratise education and create a diverse community of skilled coders who can meet the increasing demand for qualified IT professionals by businesses and shape the future of technology without the constraints of debt.”

Driven by the 42 Network’s cutting-edge approach, the learning environment at the school in London fosters creativity and critical thinking. Its project-based learning method encourages peer-to-peer collaboration, enabling students to learn from one another and develop strong teamwork skills. This revolutionary coding education method has been employed to train 37,000 students worldwide since 2013, when it was launched by French tech and telecoms entrepreneur Xavier Niel at Ecole 42, in Paris.

Road to success

Considered as “the 21st century education concept” by Airbnb founder Brian Chesky, the education method employed at 42 coding campuses involves rigorous evaluation processes, including machine exams and peer assessments, to help students develop the necessary skills to thrive in the digital age.

42 London requires no prior diploma or experience and the first step to join the programme is an online application that involves playing two games. Those who pass the test will join the next Piscine, an intensive 4-week coding experience that starts on 2 October and the final challenge to become a 42 London student.
The school’s comprehensive training programme spans up to three years, with an 18-month common core duration. Graduates can anticipate average annual earnings of £50,000 in the UK.

Training includes two internship periods, which together with 42 London’s project-based learning enables students to build their own portfolio. All this allows for another impressive achievement, Ecole 42 has been keeping a 100% employment rate among its graduates since 2013. The school’s innovative model and recognition resonate with students across the globe.

A UK registered charity, 42 London is committed to fostering an inclusive environment, eliminating financial obstacles, and unlocking new horizons for aspiring coders – its dedication to inclusivity is underscored by a remarkable 40% female student representation. 

About 42 London

42 London is part of the global 42 Network, a ground-breaking and tuition-free computer programming school founded in France in 2013. With its forward-thinking nature, 42 education method has gained international recognition, and the network’s first school Ecole 42 has consistently ranked high in the prestigious Top 100 Global World Universities with Real Impact (WURI*) – 6th in innovation in 2023. 
Based in Millbank, 42 London campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including the latest generation computers and a 24/7 operating schedule, providing students with the flexibility to learn at their own pace and according to their availability and interests.

Open to individuals aged 18 years and older, 42 London will be hosting their new Open Day event on September 6, at 3pm. Aspiring coders can register HERE

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