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AAL introduces new Charter for People, Culture and Wellbeing

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The Association for Accredited Learning (AAL) (@AccreditedFor) has recently launched its new Charter for People, Culture and Wellbeing. At the heart of AAL is lived experience, celebrating individual achievements and recognising employer best practice. This new groundbreaking Charter puts at the forefront an organisation’s focus on person centred initiatives in helping with employee wellbeing and ensuring a positive workforce culture.

The Charter helps create a pathway toward achieving national recognition through a prestigious Quality Mark also awarded by AAL. The Quality Mark, awarded for a three year period and based on adherence to 50 Standards, sets the benchmark for organisations committed to employee wellbeing

Research[1] shows that organisations taking a more rigorous approach to evaluating their health and wellbeing activity are much more likely to report their activity has resulted in positive outcomes. They are more than twice as likely to achieve better employee morale and engagement and over four times more likely to see a healthier and more inclusive culture.

Signing the People, Culture and Wellbeing Charter is a declaration that an organisation understands the importance of implementing person-centred initiatives, by having supportive measures for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. The declaration is an organisation’s agreement to uphold the following principles:

  1. Wellbeing of people and teams
  2. Wellbeing through collaboration and engagement
  3. Health and wellbeing strategy
  4. Wellbeing resources and support

The Charter is available to organisations joining AAL as a bronze member. Being a member of AAL at this level also provides access to a panel of experts in the field of wellbeing. AAL is running its first series of CPD sessions in June covering topics like financial and digital wellbeing, menopause, neurodiversity, men’s health, wellbeing-driven productivity, the impact of childhood experiences and overcoming imposter syndrome.

Marcia Fernandes, AAL’s Managing Director expressed her enthusiasm for the Charter:

“Based on my personal experiences and close collaboration with various organisations, I hold a strong belief in the significance of person-centered initiatives. Having witnessed firsthand the positive impact this approach has on employee wellbeing, I am delighted that we can now acknowledge the valuable efforts of organisations through their commitment to our new People, Culture, and Wellbeing Charter.”

[1] Source: CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work 2023 survey

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