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CEO Magazine 2023 Global MBA Rankings: Audencia International MBA in the top Tier One group and its Executive MBA ranked 6th in the world

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CEO Magazine Global MBA rankings published today highlights Audencia’s Executive Education programmes. Audencia’s International MBA programme strengthens its position in the top Tier One category. The Executive MBA is ranked 6th worldwide, and 3rd in France. Audencia’s Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is also included in the CEO Magazine 2023 Global DBA Listing. 

The benefits of an MBA for graduates are well known, supporting career progression, networking, and personal development, among others. In an increasingly competitive market, CEO Magazine’s rankings aim to give candidates a view of the performance of the programmes on the market, based on factual criteria.

Audencia International MBA in the Global MBA Rankings’ Tier One group 

Audencia’s international programme (full-time) has reaffirmed its position, since 2019, at the top levels in the best category of the ranking: the Tier One group (with no specific ranking within the group). Audencia is thus one of only four French programmes and 27 European programmes ranked in this top group, alongside 61 programmes from North and South America and Canada. 

The CEO Magazine rankings of full-time and part-time MBAs particularly highlight the quality of faculty (which accounts for 34.95% of the overall score), international diversity and class size (almost 10% each).

Audencia Executive MBA comes 6th worldwide and 3rd in France

Audencia’s part-time EMBA programme offered to executives with a minimum of eight years of managerial experience has jumped 13 places and is ranked 3rd in France, and 6thworldwide. It is one of the 19 European programmes included in this ranking, where schools from North and South America and Canada are very well represented, with no less than 47 programmes. 

Catherine Chassanite, Head of MBA programmes at Audencia says:

We are proud of this recognition, which shows that the ecosystem set up around Audencia’s MBA programmes is bearing fruit. Participants, faculty, corporate partners, alumni and Audencia staff are committed to contributing to the changes and transitions that our world needs.” 

Audencia DBA honoured in the Global DBA Listing 

CEO Magazine has also published a Global DBA Listing designed to showcase the market’s premier DBA providers. The selection is based on accreditation, quality of faculty, geography and international standingEurope stands out with 57 programmes selected, compared to only 41 programmes in North and South America and Canada, the second most represented region in the world. France has no less than 9 programmes honoured, including Audencia.

For this 2023 edition, CEO Magazine collected data from 121 schools offering 239 different programmes in 24 countries. The rankings are based on a system that is fully focused and weighted according to factual and quantifiable criteria.

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