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China Fleet Training Academy Launched in Partnership with City College Plymouth and China Fleet Country Club

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City College Plymouth (@cityplym), the city’s anchor institution for skills, is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with the China Fleet Country Club; a collaboration that aligns with the College’s commitment to not only training the workforce of the future, but strategically working with employers across the region to promote community health and active well-being.

The partnership represents a strategic response to bridging the skills gap and addressing recruitment needs through demand-led initiatives. At the core of this collaboration is the establishment of the China Fleet Academy, which offers specially curated courses for Club staff. Beyond providing access to these tailored educational pathways, the alliance also opens the door for staff to pursue a wide array of development opportunities.

Set to widen participation in academic pursuits and promote lifelong learning through continuous personal development, the collaboration will see a completely transparent approach, with a focus on removing any barriers to learning for Club staff. This strategic initiative aims to unlock innovative skills and training opportunities, ensuring that the sector can flourish and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. 

By investing in the development of cutting-edge educational programmes, City College is laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and success in the Visitor Economy, benefiting both the current workforce and future professionals in the field across the South West.

The partnership will see City College provide educational support and ongoing professional development for the staff employed at the Club. It will also significantly enhance College students’ access to job opportunities within the fitness, leisure and hospitality industry in roles at the Club. 

The College’s fitness, leisure and hospitality teams actively engage with local and regional stakeholders to ensure that students are able to gain industry-standard skills, knowledge and behaviours to propel them into working life upon completion of their studies. Working alongside these employers, students are able to develop their knowledge directly in demand with the needs of their industry as and when they happen, placing them at the forefront of an ever evolving job market.

Jackie Grubb, Chief Executive of City College Plymouth, expressed her delight for this bespoke partnership, stating:

“We are thrilled to join forces with the China Fleet Country Club to elevate education and talent development in the fitness, leisure and hospitality industry. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to serving our community and providing unparalleled educational opportunities for our students.”

She continued, “Through this collaboration, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem that not only empowers individuals to succeed in the fitness, leisure and hospitality sector, but also contributes to the growth and prosperity of our city and region.”

Dean Bennett, Managing Director at the China Fleet Country Club said:

“This partnership reflects the joint commitment of both organisations to excellence and innovation in industry and education. Together, we aspire to create a lasting influence on the fitness, leisure and hospitality sector in the region, promising a brighter future for aspiring professionals and the communities they serve.”

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