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City College Plymouth Shapes the Future of Health and Wellbeing in New Partnership with Plymouth Active Leisure

City College Plymouth Shapes the Future of Health and Wellbeing in New Partnership with Plymouth Active Leisure

City College Plymouth, the city’s anchor institution for skills, has embarked on an innovative partnership with Plymouth Active Leisure, strengthening its commitment to the educational, cultural, and economic prosperity of Plymouth. This collaboration, designed to enhance both education and employment opportunities, marks a significant step in the College’s engagement with industry leaders to address key needs in the health and wellbeing sector.

The health and wellbeing sector in Plymouth is at a critical juncture. It’s a field experiencing rapid growth, partly due to the city’s demographic trends and partly because of a heightened public awareness of health and wellness. The sector is anticipated to offer a substantial number of new employment opportunities in the coming years, with estimates suggesting up to 5,000 new jobs – a rate of growth that eclipses many other industries.

This expansion is not just in traditional healthcare roles but also in emerging areas outside of a sports provision, such as marketing, management and hospitality – all of which are poised to transform Plymouth’s economic landscape.

In response to these trends, the College’s partnership with Plymouth Active Leisure aims to integrate practical industry insights into the College’s diverse curriculum. With plans to offer joint working sessions, guest lectures, and work experience opportunities, students at the College will be given the opportunity to hone the skills required to acquire gainful employment in the sector. This initiative promises to provide students with invaluable hands-on experience, fostering a seamless transition to employment so that they are workforce ready.

Pauline Hands, Executive of Health, Leisure & Public Services at City College Plymouth, emphasised the significance of this partnership:

“Our collaboration with Plymouth Active Leisure is a testament to our commitment to providing education that is both relevant and responsive to the needs of the industry. By working together, we are able to offer our students unique learning opportunities that align with the real-world demands of the health and wellbeing sector, ensuring that they are well-prepared for successful careers.

“This partnership isn’t just about education; it’s a comprehensive response to the health and wellbeing challenges facing our city. Through this partnership, we’re committed to preparing a workforce that’s not only skilled but also passionate about making a difference in the health sector.”

The powerful partnership was signed by City College Plymouth’s CEO & Principal, Jackie Grubb, alongside Rhys Jones, CEO/COO of Plymouth Active Leisure and in the presence of Councillor Sue Dann, Cabinet Member for Customer Services, Sport, Leisure, HR and OD.

Rhys spoke of the partnership:

“Plymouth Active Leisure is delighted to be collaborating with City College Plymouth to make sure we offer the best opportunities for our workforce to develop, learn new skills and create lasting careers with us and to make sure the College offers world class relevant qualifications for maximum employability. As two organisations within the city of Plymouth and its people at our heart, we will do everything we can to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities, customers and our students for years to come.”

Councillor Sue Dann said:

“It’s fantastic to see Plymouth Active and City College Plymouth teaming up in this way to share knowledge and expertise and help shape the future of sport and leisure provision in the city. This will provide valuable skills and experience for students, ensure that courses are tailored to best meet the needs of the sector locally and ultimately help to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents.”

By integrating industry expertise with academic excellence, this partnership is poised to set new standards in health education and community wellbeing, making it a beacon of innovation and progress in the region. As City College Plymouth and Plymouth Active Leisure move forward together, they are charting a course towards a healthier, more vibrant future for all residents of Plymouth.

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