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Degreed identified as a Strategic Leader in 2023 Fosway 9-Grid for Learning Systems

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Degreed, the learning platform relied on by millions of employees, has been named a Strategic Leader in the 2023 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems. The ranking reflects Degreed’s market leadership, strong performance and innovation over the past year as well as confidence in its future plans. This includes the Learn In acquisition which brings capability academies to Degreed’s range of market-leading learning solutions.

Improvements to the Degreed platform over the past year include making the search experience for learners more relevant and intelligent, helping them find preferred content faster, increasing engagement tools for L&D teams to communicate with learners, and boosting the curation experience. Degreed also launched a series of professional services that complement its solutions with expert-led guidance, tailored to customer needs and goals. 

Todd Tauber, SVP of Strategy at Degreed said,

“Learning and development teams are more stretched and stressed than ever right now. Degreed’s advance to the Strategic Leader position on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems is the result of our focus on innovations, like experiential learning, that makes learning more relevant to people’s work and better connected to their growth. Just as importantly, it also reflects the growing number of customers getting critical L&D work done with more scale, more speed and more business impact.” 

“Skills challenges continue to keep business and learning leaders awake at night,” said David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group. “Degreed’s ability to provide broad and deep skills capabilities is helping customers innovate their skills initiatives. Congratulations to Degreed for their move into the Strategic Leader zone.” 

For more details on the Fosway 9-Grid™ click here. To learn more about Degreed’s vision for 2023, connect with us at  LENS 2023 in Atlanta, March 15-16th.

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