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Fatface Foundation makes a difference for Alton College students

person sewing on sewing machine

A generous donation from the FatFace Foundation has given Alton College students access to extra equipment to support their studies. 

After a successful grant application made by the Alton College Foundation, Art and Textiles students have now been given the opportunity to borrow new equipment funded by the foundation, which gives them the chance to experiment with their ideas whilst outside of the studio. 

The funding, which has resulted in the purchase of two new sewing machines, have been bought to enable students the opportunity to improve their skills and progress through their studies at a greater rate than they may have done if they were not able to borrow the equipment and students are already thrilled with the purchase. 

Liz Henley, Lecturer of Textiles said:

“Making this connection with FatFace has highlighted the fashion and textile industry and offers a real sense of the possibilities open to textile students beyond Alton College.  

We are hopeful that there might be further opportunities for Alton College Textiles students to connect with FatFace and learn more about careers, sustainable fashion, the global industry and the changes which are currently being made to improve the impact of Fashion and Textiles production on the planet. 

We are very grateful to Jodie and her team for their support. There is already a lot of interest in borrowing them to take home and use.”

For more on the FatFace Foundation, visit here

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