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Zak Angell

A passion for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics enabled a former student to graduate from the University of Oxford with a First-Class degree whilst already flourishing in his career.

Zak Angell, who studied Chemistry, Economics, History, and Mathematics at Alton College until 2019, enrolled at Merton College, University of Oxford to continue his studies. Once graduating, Zak landed a role as an Operations Consultant with Newton Europe.

Zak credits his A Level teachers, who went above and beyond and ultimately made his experience studying at college more enjoyable and interesting.

When asked how he thought his college studies enhanced his employability, Zak said:

“College was where my liking for Mathematics really manifested itself as a strong ability for analysis. Of course this was further improved at university but discussions with teachers at college, particularly in Mathematics, Economics, and Chemistry furthered my analytical thinking. Teachers were willing to engage in super curricular discussions, that were both interesting and thought-provoking.”

Zak added:

“I believe that Mathematics is the most valuable A Level out there. You gain so many transferrable skills such as logical thinking and a better understanding of something that is used in so many aspects of life, not just your job or university course. Mathematics at A Level allows you to grapple with the world in an analytical way, which combines well with Chemistry, given its analytical nature.”

When asked what advice he would give to prospective students, Zak said:

“Unless you are certain about what you’d like to do after college, choosing a broad spread of A Levels can be helpful. Having numerical and scientific subjects of Mathematics and Chemistry, combined with essay-based Economics and History, meant that I had the flexibility to shape my future options throughout Year 12.”

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