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Graduates can now get free help to land a graduate job.

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With little knowledge of what they want out of a career or how to land a job, 500k graduates are about to attempt to enter the job force in June.

Year after year, many of these graduates face the same stubborn problem of not being able to land a job. A recent survey of 1500 graduates found that 90% were struggling finding a job that would suit them and over 80% struggled with aspects of the application process (such as writing CVs and interviewing). 

Graduate Coach is anticipating that this year is likely to be no different. In response, GC is offering its free online course to help provide these graduates with the skills they need to succeed. 

The free course, which launched during the pandemic, has been helping graduates navigate their way through the competitive graduate recruitment market by getting clear on the exact steps they need to take.

Chris Davies, Founder of Graduate Coach, who together with Future Learn is responsible for initiating the course commented: 

“There are three main reasons why graduates will fail to get suitable work: They don’t know which careers will suit them best, they cannot write good achievement-based CVs and need to acquire interview skills. This course helps them with all of this.’ and we are proud that over 5k have so far enrolled ‘

The course is recommended and recognised by the Office of Students. Reviews claim that doing the course was “one of the best decisions I’ve made” helping in aspects such as “creating a CV tailored to the job I’m looking for” and giving the interview advice I really needed”. 

The course is available online at no cost and with graduation approaching it is a crucial time for these types of resources to be available and accessible. 

With an estimated completion time of three weeks the course has already benefited thousands allowing them to become more confident in themselves and the job search process. 

In the same way that no one would be expected to be good at any other skill without help, it seems unreasonable to expect graduates to get a decent job suitable to their skills with no guidance. 

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