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Graphic Design students are the creative minds behind new Rural Skills logo

A winning submission has just been announced on an exciting in-house project set up to design a new logo for the Rural Skills Short Courses area.

@BordersCollege Graphic Design students were the creative minds behind the project after they were challenged to design a visual identity for the Commercial courses, run as part of the Rural Skills provision.

The Rural Skills team were extremely impressed with the amount of work and passion that the students put into their proposals so the choice was difficult. After much consideration, they selected Signe Goss-Hansen’s logo as the winning submission from the seven options.

Each year, the design students undertake the ‘Client-Initiated Project’ where they find a real design job that will be printed/applied to a business or organisation. Covid made this year’s project trickier to find a client so the class looked closer to home and, after some consultation, the in-house logo design project was set up.

The class worked in teams for the brief as the unit is used to try and emulate a real design studio where collaboration is paramount, so the class worked together initially then split into partnerships. Some fantastic work was produced by all the students involved.

Graphic Design Lecturer Tracey Scott commented:

“The whole group worked really well on this brief and I think that all the solutions were of a very high standard and all answered the brief.

“I was exceptionally pleased with the work created, and it is tough when there is a ‘winner’ as the other students do feel a sense of loss but that is one reason that everyone learns a lot from this unit. It gives a real insight into what life in the ‘real’ design world is like, and you have to learn to accept it when your designs aren’t accepted by a client.”

Andrew Johnson, Curriculum Learning Manager for the Rural Skills department, commented:

“It has been great to work so closely with the Graphic Design students on this project and this has been a fantastic opportunity for our students to engage with the wider creative sector. The standard of work was excellent so it was hard to pick a winner. Congratulations to Signe Goss-Hansen.”

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