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Made in the UK film showcases Guildhawk’s new safety AI for construction


The Female-led British SME Guildhawk has developed a new game-changing technology, powered by AI, trained on their clean, high-quality data that is set to transform multilingual safety in mining, heavy engineering, and construction. The latest Made in the UK, pioneered in Hong Kong film produced by the UK Government’s Department of Business and Trade (DBT) tells the story.

Jurga Zilinskiene MBE, Founder of Guildhawk and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Sheffield Hallam University

Increasing innovation and trade between the UK and Hong Kong

The new film created by the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) tells the story of how Guildhawk and other UK companies are increasing tech innovation and trade between the UK and Hong Kong. Jurga Zilinskiene explains how Guildhawk is pioneering new AI technology, powered by multilingual data to improve safety in engineering and construction.

The opportunities for UK businesses to boost trade and innovate in Hong Kong through partnerships is tangible according to Jurga and fellow British entrepreneurs.

Hong Kong gateway to Asia

Products and services originating in the UK are in high demand in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia. With a robust trading relationship, business benefits and support, as well as many cultural similarities, Hong Kong presents a great opportunity, and point of entry, for UK SMEs wanting to export their products and solutions to Asia.

Jurga says Hong Kong inspired her because it’s a market that embraces emerging technologies. The city is certainly bouncing back, amidst a difficult global economic environment. The government forecast GDP to grow 4%-5% in 2023. It’s a beacon of opportunity for UK businesses looking to sidestep the UK/European economic downturn.

The Hong Kong government is investing heavily in IT, trade, maritime, aviation, and Intellectual Property trading. It has committed over HKD $100 billion (GBP 10.2 million) to support I&T development and is introducing new schemes to attract overseas enterprises and talent.

Hong Kong is embracing innovative and emerging technologies including AI, GenAI, Web3 and blockchain, providing new opportunities for UK businesses in these sectors.

New AI to improve site safety

Hong Kong is invested in becoming a cutting-edge, highly skilled innovation & technology hub for Asia, and the world. Jurga says, “Construction and engineering firms are looking for new technologies that give them the edge and help protect the environment”.

New AI can improve efficiency, but the big prize is getting new insights every day like seeing risks quickly.

Guildhawk has a partnership with a leading organisation in Hong Kong to use AI to analyse multilingual data to improve safety for workers. Jurga says this will be, “a game changer for safety and engagement with a multilingual workforce”.

This was a popular theme in July 2023 when Guildhawk hosted an official delegation from the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council (CIC).

Training Large Language Models to generate results that are accurate requires lots of data you can trust. Organising multilingual data to train AI is an area of deep expertise for Guildhawk and this has resulted in increased demand from global clients.

Increasing UK exports to Hong Kong

If you are looking to trade in SE Asia, Jurga believes, “Hong Kong is the place to do it”. There are several reasons why British businesses like Guildhawk find it easy to trade in Hong Kong:

  • The legal framework and contractual obligations are of an international standard, therefore familiar.
  • UK companies like Guildhawk are benefitting from Hong Kong’s business environment, support, and access to amazing talent.
  • Technology companies will embrace the city’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive to push technology to the next level.
  • Besides Hong Kong’s proximity to China, it is digitally connected with the Greater Bay Area. The data transfer pact signed in June 2023 assures UK companies of safe and effective data flow between Hong Kong and China.

Moreover, Hong Kong’s mature, common law legal system provides security for UK businesses. Its strong legal protection for IP is the best in Asia and fully compliant with the World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.

This setting makes Hong Kong a remarkable marketplace for UK companies to engage in pioneering work.

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