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New Comprehensive Guide on Integrating the New EYFS Curriculum

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Parenta, a leader in early years software solutions and the UK’s largest apprenticeship training provider has released a comprehensive guide aimed at empowering early years practitioners to seamlessly integrate the latest EYFS curriculum changes into their settings – addressing the challenges of staying compliant with the evolving EYFS framework and offering essential tips and practical advice.

Key highlights of the guide include:

  • Giving clear insights into the modifications in the EYFS framework, emphasising flexibility in staffing ratios and reducing known burdens.
  • A focus on providing clarity on ambiguities and helping settings deliver high-quality education.
  • A detailed breakdown of the prime and specific areas of learning to guide early years curriculum planning.
  • Guidance on utilising external documents like “Development Matters” and “Birth to Five Matters” to tailor curriculum planning based on individual child needs.
  • Practical steps for assessing current practices, implementing statutory changes, and informing and training staff.
  • Emphasis on positive communication, staff consultation, and collaboration with other nurseries for successful implementation.
  • Detailed coverage of changes in child: practitioner ratios, meal and snack time supervision, allergy awareness, maths qualifications, and language development.
  • Practical considerations and tips for managers in making informed decisions about implementing changes.
  • Recommendations for continuous professional development, including Parenta’s CPD courses on change management and conflict resolution.
  • Encouragement for practitioners to consult with the Local Authority, assess the impact of changes, and communicate effectively with parents.

The full guide can be accessed via and can be downloaded here.


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