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New Platform Launched to Educate People About the Impact of Racism

A footballer facing away from the camera towards the stands in a football stadium wearing a black top with the words in white that say - "There is no such thing as race There is only the human race" and pictures of two men and a woman underneath talking to camera about anti-racism

Voices was created for Show Racism the Red Card by Frog Systems

  • Features powerful video testimonies from those who’ve suffered racism
  • Provides a safe space for the public to learn more about the impact of racism
  • Highlights how racism is being tackled in schools, sport and society  

The anti-racism educational charity Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) has launched a new community awareness platform called Voices created by the team at Frog Systems.   

Voices brings together the experiences of those who have suffered racism alongside advice from those who are working to stop it, creating a powerful public platform to support the charity’s campaign work.

Voices is built around bite-sized video testimonies of people sharing their own lived experience. Educational resources from Show Racism the Red Card and other anti-racism organisations are presented on the same page as each video along with direct links to information and support.

Teachers, sports people and personalities have shared their stories

Frog Systems worked with SRtRC to record videos with people from the worlds of education, sport and wider society to highlight the impact of racist behaviour and share knowledge about the way racism is being tackled in workplaces, schools, teams and communities.  The result is a free to access, safe digital space that anyone can use to learn more about the impact of racism and how to challenge it.  

Patrick Cozier, Headteacher of Highgate Wood School in Haringey, and author and teacher Seema McArdle are among those who have contributed their experiences and learning, as have The Right Honourable Stuart Lawrence, footballer Anita Asante and television presenter Ben Cajee.

Making the anti-racism message stronger

Phil Worms, CEO of Frog Systems, said: “We are proud to be playing a part in giving a new voice to this important subject. The anti-racism message should be at the forefront 360 days a year, not just when the media pick it up when a young footballer gets abused. We hope the platform we’ve created with Show Racism the Red Card proves to be a really valuable public resource.” 

Ged Grebby, CEO of Show Racism the Red Card, added: “Voices is a new publicly available platform full of relatable and empathetic stories from real people. It is another step in making our anti-racism message even stronger.”

Find out more by visiting the Voices platform here.

If you have an experience or learning you would like to share to support their campaign, please click the Share Your Story button on the Voices platform and submit your details to the team at Show Racism the Red Card so they can get in touch. 

Frog Systems works with organisations to create bespoke platforms using the lived experience to amplify their causes. If you have a campaign that needs our help, we’d love to hear from you.

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