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Mentoring scheme helps Bath Spa University to bridge gap between university and work

Bath Spa University (@BathSpaUni) has partnered with PushFar, a mentoring and career progression platform, to help support students as they consider their career options following graduation.

Bath Spa University (BSU), the public university attended by 8,000 students and specialising in creative subjects, recognised the challenges faced by students looking to find their first job, and wanted to help bridge the gap between university and the working world. They explored options that would help to broaden their students’ knowledge in terms of career paths and goals, as well  as developing the skills and personal qualities that are valued by employers.

With evidence showing that 87% of people feel empowered by a mentoring relationship and develop greater confidence, BSU sought to introduce a mentoring solution that could be rolled out across the University helping students to network and build up their first professional contacts. It proved time-consuming and complex though for internal administrators to match students to industry professionals. Covid also had an impact on initial efforts, with large networking events unable to take place.

BSU turned to PushFar to set up an accessible and intuitive platform, with mentees able to be connected with industry professionals based on profiles. The resulting ‘MentorMe’ programme enables people to manage their relationships on an ongoing basis with minimal admin supervision, but also supports the involvement of the careers team in manually matching students with mentors where more guidance is required. The video call functionality of the programme has provided a straightforward and effective solution to centralising all communications with external mentors.

With more than 164 mentees and 80 mentors involved, the ‘MentorMe’ programme has been found to be hugely popular among the student population, with 100% providing positive feedback. As a result, it has been rolled out to all 2nd and 3rd year students, and it is expected that the programme will continue to expand.

Ed Johnson, CEO and Founder of PushFar, said:

“Having a mentoring relationship is often noted as being one of the most beneficial things you can do for career development. Students feel motivated and inspired when they speak to senior leaders with whom they can relate, and learning and development can be easily shared. Bath Spa University has recognised the advantages mentoring can bring in getting young people onto the first rung of the ladder of their career, and we are delighted to be part of a successful solution that empowers students to meet their career goals”.

Hannah Rudd, Mentoring Coordinator at Bath Spa University said:

“Working with PushFar has allowed us to streamline and professionalise the mentoring process between our students and external industry experts. As a result, students are able to take ownership of their mentoring relationship and start to build their career networks, with knowledge and skills seamlessly passed on. Creating a mentorship program can be a time consuming and complicated task, but by using PushFar we’ve been able to make it simple and easy for everyone involved, and the student body has benefited significantly.” 

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