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Student Minds programme underlines “whole university approach” to tackling mental health issues

Student Minds programme underlines “whole university approach” to tackling mental health issues

As part of its ongoing commitment to good mental health the University of Winchester has become a 23/24 Programme member of the University Mental Health Charter.  

The Programme is run by the charity Student Minds which proclaims a vision that no student should be held back by their mental health.  

According to UCAS (2021), there has been a 450 per cent increase across the UK in students declaring a mental health condition at the university application stage since 2011.   

Student Minds add that mental health of students, and all young people has been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.  

Studies show that students experiencing mental illness are more likely to withdraw from university, to under-perform and are less likely to secure higher level employment or go on to postgraduate study.  

By signing up to the Student Minds Programme, the University is furthering its commitment to a “whole university approach” to tackling mental health issues for both students and staff.  

This means the University “must provide an environment and culture that reduces poor mental health, as well as supporting good mental health, and facilitating staff and students to develop insight, understanding and skills to manage and maintain their own well-being.”  

To help the University to achieve this, the programme offers its members access to the Student Minds mental health hub and access to extra training for staff.  

Programme members form part of a UK-wide network with access to events and opportunities to share good practice.  

Vice Chancellor of the University of Winchester Professor Sarah Greer will chair the University’s Mental Health Charter Programme Progress Board.   

Professor Greer said: “We believe joining the Student Minds Programme will enhance our already embedded culture of promoting and supporting positive mental health and wellbeing. 

“At Winchester we believe in working together to enable all our community to thrive and achieve their full potential.” 

Dr Lesley Black, Director of Student Support and Success at the University of Winchester, said:

“We want staff and students to be confident that institutions can offer an appropriately supportive environment.  

“At Winchester we already have a well-developed mental health strategy and joining this programme will support the institution with its delivery.” 

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