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TEDI-London Launches ‘Future Engineers’ Campaign

The higher education provider seeks to inspire the next generation of engineers

TEDI-London (@TEDILondon), the capital’s only specialist engineering higher education provider, today launches its ‘Future Engineers’ campaign, an imaginative journey into the potential future achievements of its students.

The innovative, film-led campaign tells the stories of Maria Hoffenheimer, Ali Patel and Grace Alibe, three fictional TEDI-London students who forge successful careers in engineering and go on to develop impactful solutions to current real-world problems. Addressing global challenges such as the ones covered in the films – energy, robotics and smart cities – is key motivation for TEDI-London’s current students.

“We are very excited to be launching such a unique campaign that reflects both the core values that underpin us and the ambitions of our students,” comments Helen Merrills, Director of Marketing, Student Recruitment & Admissions at TEDI-London. “TEDI-London was founded on a vision to transform engineering education to transform lives, and these films are a fun, yet thought provoking, vehicle to bring that vision to life. These characters are inspired by the ambitions of our current students, and we hope they in turn will inspire future cohorts of TEDI-London future engineers.”

Each film features TEDI-London’s purpose-built campus and how it is used by students on a day-to-day basis. They bring to life what it is like to be a student at TEDI-London and the distinctive way in which engineering is taught; through practical, project-based modules that focus on a variety of real-life issues. To further highlight this, the three stories are also based on some of the core and extra-curricular subject areas that students learn about at TEDI-London, demonstrating how they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle global problems as they embark on their postgraduate careers.

The unique and forward-looking concept is the brainchild of TEDI-London’s marketing team and two agency partners, both of whom specialise in working with education clients: the award-winning brand agency, IE Brand, and leading video agency in the education space, Uni Shoots.

Successfully bringing the spirit of TEDI-London into the spotlight required close collaboration between numerous parties, including six talented actors: Emily A Windham, Sahan Hiddal, Gloria Akinfe, Janet Amsden, Shekhar Varma and Marsha Millar – who were cast to bring the lead characters’ stories to life.

Dave Crichton, Creative Director at IE Brand, explains that the inspiration behind the ‘Future Engineers’ campaign lay in working alongside a brand-new higher education provider. 

“When it comes to working with an emerging brand, it’s only possible to look ahead, not back. So, we tried to imagine what today’s TEDI-London students could be doing 50 years from now. And asking ourselves what the students might have gone on to achieve, and how they may have shaped society.”

Concludes Cameron Perry, Creative Director at Uni Shoots;

“It has been a pleasure to work with TEDI-London on these films. We have worked with TEDI-London and its distinctive, challenger brand on several projects and they are one of the most distinctive education clients that we have worked with. We knew that capturing people’s attention would involve creating content that really leaps off the screen and compels the viewer to find out more, both about the campaign itself and about TEDI-London.”

Would you like to watch the ‘Future Engineers’ campaign videos? Find out more about the campaign and TEDI-London here.

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