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The 2024 World Economic Forum and Futurelearn’s AI Initiatives


With all eyes on Davos, Switzerland during the 2024 World Economic Forum conference last week, a key theme throughout discussions was productive artificial intelligence (AI); highlighted as a pivotal force for shaping the economy and society.

FutureLearn, a leading online learning platform, is shining a light on AI via a comprehensive range of courses designed to empower and upskill learners on the latest artificial technologies and contribute to economic growth worldwide. These courses include: Generative AI in Higher Education, Designing Human-Centred AI Products and Services, Generative AI: Implications and Opportunities for Businesses, How AI Can Support Healthcare, Introduction to AI and Machine LearningThe Laws of Digital Data, Content and AI and Applied AI: Natural Language Processing.

2023 was a watershed year for artificial intelligence, with innovations like ChatGPT revolutionising our understanding of machine learning and digital capabilities. The UK AI market is calculated to be worth more than £16.9 billion, according to the US International Trade Administration, and is expected to grow to £803.7 billion by 2035.

Designed in partnership with industry leaders Accenture, Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence emerged as the third most popular course on the FutureLearn platform across 2023, demonstrating strong levels of learner demand for AI-focused content. AI holds transformative potential for education and learning outcomes, as highlights by leading economist and Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts, Andy Haldane.

“Right now our learning system is not attuned to individual neurologies and individual circumstances. I do think AI has the potential for us to personalise learning journeys that suit the style and speed of different types of learners, particularly those who are otherwise lost to learning. Tech and AI makes the impossible possible”.

Rt. Hon. Jo Johnson, FutureLearn Chairman, said:

“The growth of digital and online education via platforms such as FutureLearn has widened access to education throughout the world. Artificial intelligence can enhance this growth by personalising learner journeys and helping people to upskill and reskill to find their next career. We continue to build on our progress, with the recent launch of an AI chatbot designed to guide learners towards tailored learning, based on their career aspirations.”

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