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Women in Tech: Investing only 1% of VC money into female founders won’t create more female winners warns Jurga Zilinskiene MBE

Montage photo of 8 women who changed history of technology including Guildhawk CEO Jurga Zilinskiene

The news that just 1% of venture capital (VC) money is invested into female tech founders is startling. “You suddenly understand how endless talk about creating more female winners in technology ignores a big elephant in the room” says the female tech founder of Guildhawk who is a coder.

Learn more about the challenge and how to improve the situation in her free article posted here.

In this she compares the latest results for 2021 that paint a depressing picture. A new report by Atomico shows only 1.1% of $100 billion VC invested into tech firms in 2021, went to help female founders and it’s getting worse. In the US, the share is just 2%

Zilinskiene, who’s company developes new secure Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technologies and multilingual videos with virtual humans believes, “It’s official, men do invest in men and bias against women is getting worse”.

However, she told how endless calls for more data does not help. Worse still, women that surrender their dreams did nothing to help more women flourish in technolology or win in business. She challenged men and women who cannot code to save their lives for talking about AI and skills. In some cases she said, “My 6-year-old granddaughter Polly has a better understanding of the power of machine learning”.

Wanting to see more female influencers who inspire women and girls to learn coding and create software to protect the environment, Zilinskiene wants to see more women like Hedy Lamarrs and Annie Easley


Jurga Zilinskiene is the founder and owner of Guildhawk that she established in 2001. She was the first British Lithuanian woman to be honoured by Queen Elizabeth II of England, receiving the MBE for services to international trade in 2019. In that same year, Queen Elizabeth also honoured Guildhawk with the Queen’s Award for International Trade.

Guildhawk is backed by Innovate UK and works in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University which appointed Zilinskiene as their Entreprenuer-in-Residence.

Jurga Zilinskiene has announced that her love of business started when she was a 6 year old girl and sold seeds at her local market.
In 2019, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth honoured Jurga Zilinskiene with the MBE for services to international trade, becoming the first Lithuanian to receive the medal.

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