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Genius Within CIC and Pearn Kandola announce inclusion partnership

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Two leading diversity and inclusion providers, Genius Within and Pearn Kandola, have formed a strategic partnership set to benefit employers keen to push forward their equity, diversity, and inclusion agendas. Bringing new rigour to a fast-growing area of focus for many employers, the partnership will offer evidence-based, intersectional advisory services to organisations across the UK.

The new partners lead a popular school of thought that inclusivity interventions must be agile and connected: addressing all aspects of a person’s identity and changing with them. Diversity silos such as race, age, sexuality, gender, and disability shouldn’t be viewed individually; more a myriad network of what makes us who we are. Their co-delivered services including assessments, leadership coaching, awareness training, diversity audits, and breaking down unconscious bias will be underpinned with this intersectional approach.

Both psychology-led organisations are already established providers of employer services. Sussex-based Genius Within will bring its expertise in systemic neurodiversity inclusion and strategy coaching, while Oxon’s Pearn Kandola maps the entire employee lifecycle to embed diversity and inclusion in an organisation’s mindset. They will unite to operate client-site and virtual services to employers nationally.

It’s a long-hoped-for alliance according to Jacqui Wallis, CEO of Genius Within:

“By collaborating with Pearn Kandola, an organisation we have admired for so long, we can provide services that deliver intersectional inclusion for our whole community.

“Our objectives and ways of working are closely aligned to provide a seamless and all-encompassing offer to employers. Organisations are keen to do the right thing in this corporate space, but sourcing effective solutions is a minefield. This partnership has the dual credentials of rigorously tested, evidence-based psychology approaches and the lived experiences of our joint team of specialists. Employers can be confident we know what works.”

Professor Binna Kandola OBE, co-founder of Pearn Kandola agrees in a stronger-together approach:

“Pearn Kandola and Genius Within share a passion for embracing the power of difference,” he said. “Every company will have different areas to address and be in different places in their diversity and inclusion journey. This partnership offers a fresh perspective, a positively disruptive influence, to help leaders, HR professionals and the teams they employ create genuinely inclusive workplaces.”

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