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Attracting Industry Candidates to Become Apprenticeship Trainers: Bridging the Gap in Specialist Trainer Shortages

Spencer Mehlman MD at the National Skills Agency shares his views on the shortage of Trainers, Coaches and Assessors in our marketplace and makes a number of suggestions and observations that are aimed at helping providers attract key skills from industry.

As the shortage of specialist trainers continues to challenge the Training Provider market, it is crucial to attract professionals from various key sectors to become apprenticeship trainers or coaches. The current areas that we are experiencing a chronic shortage include Childcare, IT (Data, Cyber, Software, Networks), Electrical, Mechanical, Carpentry, Brickwork and Automotive to name but a few.

By enticing industry candidates to transition into training roles, we can address the scarcity of skilled trainers and ensure the development of the next generation. The National Skills Agency, the leading recruiter of apprenticeship managers, trainers, coaches, and assessors in the UK, shares effective strategies to attract and encourage industry candidates to embrace this fulfilling career path.

It can be tough to attract well-paid industry specialists as often the training route is not as financially lucrative. However, many candidates can be tipped over the edge when they are ready for a change in direction but can still use their skills. Others due to the physicality of some roles no longer want to be at the sharp end of say trade skills and the option to teach or train is an attractive way forward.

Here are some other strategies to help.

Highlight the Impact of Knowledge Sharing:

One effective way to attract industry candidates to become apprenticeship trainers is by emphasising the impact of knowledge sharing. Showcase how their expertise and experience can shape the future workforce, empowering apprentices to succeed in their chosen fields. There is real satisfaction in making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and the broader industry. By positioning the role as an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, industry candidates can be enticed to embrace training roles and contribute to bridging the gap in specialist trainer shortages.

Promote Personal and Professional Growth:

Demonstrate the personal and professional growth opportunities that come with becoming an apprenticeship trainer or coach. Emphasise the chance to develop excellent communication, mentoring, and leadership skills. Highlight that trainers have the opportunity to continually learn and stay abreast of industry trends while imparting their knowledge. By positioning training roles as a pathway for self-improvement and staying relevant in the industry, industry candidates will be motivated to consider transitioning into these roles.

Offer Mentorship and Support Programs:

Create mentorship and support programs specifically tailored for industry candidates transitioning into training roles. Provide comprehensive training and guidance on instructional techniques, curriculum development, and assessment methods. By offering these resources, the National Skills Agency can help industry candidates feel confident and equipped to embark on their training journey. Pairing them with experienced trainers or coaches as mentors can provide invaluable support and nurture their growth in their new role.

Showcase Career Advancement Opportunities:

Highlight the potential for career advancement and professional recognition that comes with being an apprenticeship trainer. Showcase success stories of individuals who have transitioned from industry roles to become renowned trainers or coaches. Illustrate the potential for progression into management or leadership positions within training organisations or the apprenticeship sector. By demonstrating the long-term prospects and rewards of the training career path, industry candidates can envision a fulfilling and prosperous future as apprenticeship trainers.


Attracting industry candidates to become apprenticeship trainers or coaches is crucial for addressing the shortage of specialist trainers. By highlighting the impact of knowledge sharing, promoting personal and professional growth, providing mentorship and support programs, and showcasing career advancement opportunities, the National Skills Agency strives to entice industry professionals to embrace training roles and contribute to the development of a skilled workforce.

By Spencer Mehlman, Managing Director, The National Skills Agency

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