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Celebrating Apprentice Success through Digital Credentials         

Matt Rogers, Service Delivery Manager at City & Guilds

How digitisation is helping City & Guilds close the skills gap for learners and employers.

Skills development has the power to change lives and build workforces but for learning and development efforts to succeed it’s vital that we embrace new technologies to elevate the standards of the training we deliver. One area in which City & Guilds is proud to have emerged as a pioneering force is the issuing of digital credentials for apprenticeships.

With the dynamic nature of the modern job market creating brand new challenges, offering digital credentials is an innovative way to recognise a wide range of development outcomes and support learners through their career journeys. By leveraging digital badges, City & Guilds can not only provide a platform for apprentices to showcase their skills but also signpost them to next stage learning and set a benchmark for other educational institutions and certification bodies. By taking a proactive approach to the adoption of digital credentials, City & Guilds can stay at the forefront of advancements in technology and meet the evolving needs of the workplace.  

A hallmark of trust and quality

The digital credentials issued by City & Guilds carry the hallmark of trust and quality, built up over our many years of experience as a training and awarding organisation, reflecting the institution’s dedication to maintaining high standards in apprenticeship training. These credentials not only serve as a testament to the skills acquired during the apprenticeship but also contribute to the credibility and recognition of the overall programme. Employers, in turn, can also rely on digital credentials issued by City & Guilds as a reliable indicator of a candidate’s competence and suitability for the job.

Taking a leading role in the introduction of digital credentials is something that aligns closely with City & Guilds’ overarching mission to bridge the gap between the world of education and industry needs.

By helping to shape the apprenticeships landscape, awarding organisations can ensure digital credentials are a representation of both theoretical knowledge and practical industry-specific skills – especially where that recognition may take a more modular form, or relate to relevant ‘top up’ skills requirements.  This collaboration between educators and industry stakeholders can set a precedent for a better and more harmonious approach to building the workforce.

Promoting, and evidencing, Lifelong Learning

An emphasis on digital credentials can also play a crucial role in promoting lifelong learning. As individuals embark on a journey of continuous skill development, the digital credentials issued by City & Guilds act as a dynamic record of their achievements, providing a comprehensive and individually tailored overview of their evolving expertise that can be stacked over time.

This emphasis on ongoing learning encourages an attitude of adaptability and resilience among apprentices, something that is vital in a rapidly changing job market.

Enhancing credibility, driving innovation

City & Guilds’ desire to be a pioneer in the issuing of digital credentials underscores a wider commitment to innovation, transparency and workforce development. Embracing the strengths of digital credentials not only enhances the credibility of programmes and learners but also sets a benchmark for success in more closely aligning education with the modern workforce and a need to constantly reskill during careers.

Acting as a trailblazer in the space allows City & Guilds and any other organisation prioritising digital credentials, to play a pivotal role in shaping a future where they are integral components of a responsive labour market and skilled global workforce.

By Matt Rogers, Service Delivery Manager at City & Guilds

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