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The future of eLearning – Immersive experiences

Sian Wilson, Executive Director of Commercial at The Skills Network

The role of the classroom in educational norms has continued to perpetuate many of the one-size-fits-all approaches to modern teaching. Learning opportunities constrained to specific locations, uncompromising times and standardised teaching practices have offered little opportunity for more bespoke learning and greater inclusion across a breadth of society. 

The move to home working and teaching in 2020 ignited a new age of operations, with remote first indirectly encouraging flexibility and greater autonomy in the ways that we live our lives. 

Now, as technology continues to advance, leading online skills provider The Skills Network are partnering with Metaverse Learning to introduce immersive learning opportunities without logistical teaching constraints.

Metaverse Learning offer interactive and immersive content through virtual and augmented reality programmes, providing high quality learning experiences available to all people regardless of operational constraints. 

The partnership with The Skills Network is combining their depth of industry knowledge with Metaverse’s innovative technology and uniting both organisation’s shared mission of generating inclusive and accessible learning experiences, available to all people.

The importance of interactivity:

Interactive learning provides a range of benefits for the comprehension of learning content, with research highlighting interactive learning environments sharpen critical thinking skills, which are fundamental to the development of analytic reasoning

Further research on interactive learning in childhood has found benefits in decision making, self and social awareness as well as emotional management, offering clear indication on the importance of incorporating interactive opportunities into online learning. 

Through advancing technology, eLearning environments are now easier able to offer interactive learning experiences through resources such a metaverse, while continuing to provide greater accessibility through remote operations.  

Sian Wilson, Executive Director of Commercial at The Skills Network: 

“The Skills Network are thrilled to be partnering with Metaverse Learning, to introduce our new enhanced and immersive learning experiences to colleges throughout the country.

“Advancing technologies such as virtual reality create great opportunities for more varied learning environments, while the nature of eLearning offers greater inclusivity to people from all backgrounds. 

“With clear global skills gaps in areas such as health, digital, renewables and STEM, the need for better support with transitions into these sectors is critical. 

“Through our partnership with Metaverse Learning, we have built programmes that enable learners to practice their learning in a virtual environment. 

“From stand-alone immersive experiences to integrating with Apprenticeships, T-Levels, Skills Bootcamps and AEB programmes, we believe this partnerhsip will give our FE Partners and learners alike the edge in employability, through practice.

“Here at The Skills Network, we are proud to continue to develop our inclusive provisions and look forward to supporting future learners through our new resources”. 

By Sian Wilson, Executive Director of Commercial at The Skills Network

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