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47,770 lost apprenticeships due to coronavirus crisis

Emily Jones, Learning & Work

The Coronavirus crisis has led to 47,770 fewer #apprenticeship opportunities, with opportunities for young people being hit hardest 

New data shows that apprenticeship starts have fallen by 47% compared to last year. There were just 53,530 apprenticeship starts between 23 March and 31 July this year, compared to 101,300 over the same period last year.

The data – released just days after young people received their A Level, GCSE and vocational results – shows the decline in apprenticeship starts for young people is even steeper. Apprenticeship starts among those aged 16-18 group plummeted from 16,390 between March and July last year, to just 5,230 this year, a decline of 68%.

Last month the Chancellor announced a hiring incentive to help reverse the decline in apprenticeship starts and to create more opportunities for young people. Employers taking on apprentices aged under 25 before the end of January will be entitled to a grant of £2,000.

Emily Jones, Head of Research at Learning and Work Institute said;

 “Apprenticeship statistics released today once again highlight the scale of the challenge ahead, with a 47% drop in starts compared to last year. Young people leaving education this summer have been hit with a double whammy of disrupted learning and a difficult labour market. A 68% fall in apprenticeship starts among 16-18 year olds is particularly concerning given the long-term impact of youth unemployment.

 “While we welcome the government’s investment in hiring incentives for employers, this alone is unlikely to be enough to reverse the decline. Urgent action is needed to boost apprenticeships and wider education and employment opportunities for young people.

“We have called for a Plan for Jobs to reverse the unprecedented rise in unemployment and help to get Britain back to work. This should include a Youth Guarantee to ensure that all young people can access a job, an apprenticeship or training opportunity.”

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