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Are you Ready for the Apprenticeship Levy?

A question a large number of companies are being asked by training providers – but are training providers ready for the Levy and what will they offer for Levy Management to companies.

With a host of “ solutions” out there ranging from a full managed service  (or in other words exactly the same delivery model pre-Levy)  to paying £1000’s for a Levy Platform , are training providers really offering a solution?

Since the news of the Levy reached 3aaa, we have been working with businesses to understand their needs. As the Levy will be employer led- we wanted to develop an employer led solution . With considerable investment from the wider business, 3aaa Levy Management was developed.

We are happy to say that we have just appointed our 6th Project Manager, who is working on-site at a large Financial Services Company and in Week 1 has already started to map out a Chartered Management Degree based Apprenticeship for its line managers. As one of the L&D team commented “ We are delighted to have a 3aaa Project Manager onsite and free of charge. We did look to increase our team with an additional resource, but we have to say that what we have learnt in a week has been a revelation. We were all of the opinion that an Apprentice had to be a new hire to the business but we are learning quickly that we can actually maximise our Levy ROI and offset against our current L&D budget”

A similar story , with a large Construction Company based in the Midlands – “ Our 3aaa Project Manager has been with us since August and we are now only realising how much work we need to do to get ready for the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017.”

Furthermore, a medium sized, London based Estate Agency also commented ” As our Levy pot is relatively modest, the remote Project Manager has guided us since day 1 and we feel that we have a 24/7 helpline for all our Apprenticeship needs.”

To find out more about the various Levy options available to your business, ranging from full managed service with an onsite Project Manager to remote Project Manager supported by a network of 40 Academies, please contact Paul Brunskill [email protected] or Adam McEvoy-Robinson [email protected]  or visit WWW.APPRENTICESHIPSLEVY.COM

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