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#VirtualCoffee with David Gallagher on the future of education, skills and employability

David Gallagher and Gavin O'Meara

FE News catch up with David Gallagher (@NCFEDavid), Chief Executive of @NCFE for a #VirtualCoffee livestream.

Due to the pandemic we have seen drastic changes within the World of Education, changes to the World of Skills, changes to the workplace and new skills required by employers. The pandemic has shone a spotlight on traditional qualifications, employability for young people and disadvantaged groups, mental health and wellbeing and as a result of the pressures of the pandemic, the fourth industrial revolution has become a reality; so Gavin from FE News chats with David Gallagher about the future of education, the future of work and employability.

They also discuss the future of qualifications, the currency of qualifications and what the future could be for qualifications. They also discuss how the sector can come together to offer impactful change to learners, employers and to communities.

Check out the video below of the #VirtualCoffee livestream with Gavin from FE News and David Gallagher, CEO of NCFE:

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