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Designing an Evidenced-Based Programme for the Tutoring Sector: What the National Tutoring Programme Can Teach Us About Social Mobility & Education, with Liberty King

Liberty King Qualified Tutor Podcast

Liberty King is one to watch. Formerly involved in the design of the first year of the National Tutoring Programme, Liberty now promotes and supports social mobility causes in the UK through early careers programmes and strategy consulting.

Liberty’s insights into designing the framework for an effective, evidenced-based approach to a tutoring programme across the UK demonstrate both the benefits and difficulties of the process. We are lucky here in this conversation to have been able to explore what the approach means for pedagogy and social mobility in this country, and beyond.

With tales from teachers gone by and lessons learnt from her days at the front of the classroom, Liberty paints a different vision for how we can frame social mobility, including where the real emphasis should lie.

A discussion founded in policy and design, but sculpted for the students and educators that that policy was built for.

Enjoy …

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Maintaining quality and fidelity to evidence in scale-up is a difficult challenge“

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