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It’s time to reimagine learning, teaching and assessment – HE Leaders podcast

The UK’s education and technology not-for-profit, @Jisc, is launching a series of four podcasts with university vice-chancellors and other leading voices in HE.

Jisc’s managing director of HE, Jonathan Baldwin will host the HE Leaders podcast series with university vice-chancellors and other leading voices in HE.

Mirroring the four strategic themes from Jisc’s new three-year plan, “Powering UK higher education“, to help steer and support universities, each podcast episode will cover: 

  1. Reimagining learning, teaching and assessment 
  2. Reframing the student experience 
  3. Empowering culture and leadership 
  4. Transforming infrastructure 

Jonathan believes the strategy will help universities develop the learnings of lockdown: 

“Never have digital, data and technology been so important in meeting the challenges UK universities face. We are focused on supporting universities, funders and government, bringing HE communities together to solve problems and share experiences.” 

The first podcast, which Jisc will publish on 6 April, brings vice-chancellors from Falmouth, Aston and Sheffield Hallam universities together with Jisc’s chief executive, Paul Feldman, to reimagine learning, teaching and assessment.

Paul says: 

“I am excited to be working collaboratively with people in the HE sector, powering and empowering our members with the technology they need to thrive. Both through the podcasts, and with Powering UK higher education, we will explore how we do that now, and what we will do, at pace, in the future.” 

Listen to the HE Leaders Podcast series from 6 April

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