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Keith Hodgson, North East WEA Regional Chair remembers why Nigel Todd meant so much to so many people – WE Are podcast

WE Are – WEA North East’s @WEAadulted #Podcast  

The WEAre podcast highlights the work WEA in the north east and its commitment to adult education, by focusing on the work staff, volunteers and branches undertake with students,  partners and within local communities.

Another chance to hear the interview from episode 1 with Nigel Todd, who sadly died last month (Mar 2021). Nigel talks about the formation of the Green Branch and the climate emergency. Chair of Regional Committee, Keith Hodgson, provides a new introduction on why Nigel meant so much to so many people.

Episode 1 – features North East Regional Chair of WEA Keith Hodgson talking about his involvement in the WEA, adult education, and even the first democratic elections in South Africa.  The Green Branch’s Nigel Todd explains how this innovative thematic branch came into being and the impact they’re having on environmental issues in the North East and beyond, and Rosie Serdiville speaks about the magnificently named educational pioneer Florence Nightingale Harrison Bell.  It also includes an interview with WEA tutor of the year Kelly Ness and some of her students who are part of an inspirational group called the Drama Queens, which grew out of a WEA course.

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