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Adam embraces second chance to study science

Following his degree, Adam pursued a career through the Tesco Management Programme however a combination of circumstances, including the worsening of his Cystic Fibrosis, meant that Adam was forced to leave employment while he concentrated on returning to full health. 

Adam said, “Business Management was never really what I wanted to do. While I was off work recovering, I made a promise to myself that I would pursue my love of science as soon as I was able to. In October 2019, the discovery of a new drug, Kaftrio (Trikafta in the US) changed my life, and I was ready to return to education.”

Adam enrolled onto the Access to Science course with Cambridge Regional College with the intention of going back to university to study Natural Sciences. Opting to study Maths, Biology and Physics, Adam threw himself into the course, securing distinction in all units including a Biology project that saw him create an animation on Ribosomes.

Adam added, “My experience at CRC was infinitely better than that in sixth form. The course was intense, in fact I found it more challenging than my Business Management degree, but I had some excellent tutors supporting me along the way. I had been given a second chance and I was determined to succeed.”

Upon completion of the Access course, Adam progressed to University of Leicester to study Natural Sciences with integrated Masters, and aspires to work in Astro Bio Physics, exploring space science and the existence of life on other planets. 

As an adult learner with a Higher Education qualification, Adam was unable to access student finance, meaning that he had to finance his further studies. Adam submitted a video application for a Citizens of Change scholarship, which successfully secured him a financial contribution to his studies for the duration of his course. Watch Adam’s submission.

In his first year, Adam has achieved a first in most of his course submissions and has taken on the role of course and department representative and committee member for the Jiu Jitsu and Natural Science groups.

As he moves towards his second year of study, Adam has opted to take the physics pathway for MSci Natural Sciences and is also preparing to undertake a year-long research project in conjunction with University of Leicester Natural Sciences Lecturer, Cheryl Hurkett and the East Anglian Astrophysical Research Organisation (EAARO), during which they will explore meteor showers and the projecting landing sites using radio signals. 

Adam concluded, “The tutors, my peers, and the course itself contributed to my success and have helped me to get where I am today. Studying an Access course requires commitment and hard work. If you have a firm interest in science, I would recommend the Access to Science as a pathway to a degree in a science related subject.” 

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