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Adding Prevent for HE e-learning to a learning management system

Files and guidance for institutions to upload the e-learning module to their learning management system (LMS).

Tracking users when they complete their learning

If you add the e-learning module to your own learning management system (LMS), you will then be able to track users when they complete the learning.

Adding the e-learning module to your LMS

You can embed the e-learning module to your LMS using SCORM files. Adding the e-learning module to your LMS will need to be done by someone in your institution who:

  • understands SCORM
  • has access to the administration area of your LMS

Depending on the LMS your institution uses, there are 2 different types of SCORM file available:

  • SCORM 2004
  • SCORM 1.2

You will need to check which version of SCORM your LMS supports.

Institutions that do not have an LMS

If your institution does not have an LMS but would like to host the e-learning within your internal web-based systems, you can embed it into a web page using an iframe. This is similar to how you would embed a video.

You will need access to your website’s content management system (CMS) to embed the e-learning module using an iframe.

You will need to embed the URL link.

Using an iframe does not allow you to track user access or progress in the same way as the SCORM plugin. It will only display the e-learning on a web page.

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