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ALL Gathers Language Practitioners for an Opportunity to Work Together

This weekend the Association for Language Learning (ALL) is organizing a major event in the United Kingdom for teachers and professionals in the area of language.

The theme for the 2006 edition is “Working Together”; this event is an opportunity for all the practitioners to get together and discuss their views on language teaching. From the exchange of personal experiences and beliefs, it is then possible to improve the teaching system with innovative and creative methods and discover new ways to increase the interest of students and the public in general in learning languages. Furthermore, this is a great chance to meet old friends again and make new ones.

ALL is the biggest subject association in the sector of language teaching, which has the ongoing aim of promoting the learning of foreign languages. Further, it encourages high standards of language teaching and supports the professionals in the area. ALL also provides information, publications and organizes events such as Language World 2006 to spread and assert the importance of languages in our multicultural society.

Events Details

Language World 2006 will take place at the University of Manchester during the days of the 7th and 8th of April. This national event will have a two-day programme of talks and plenary sessions from leading experts and practitioners about the different areas of language learning and teaching. On the Friday, the 7th, there will be a one-day conference on “Every Learner Matters” with advices and methods for teaching in accordance to the different levels of abilities of each student in any level of school.

Many workshops and seminars will be going on during the two days and, in the area of the conference, there will be a big exhibition from the leading companies of resources and equipment for teaching and learning languages. In addition to this, there will be many varied social events available to everyone, providing the chance for people to meet people, relax and enjoy themselves in a good atmosphere.

Joana Lage, Language Learning Correspondent

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