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Almost 100% of Students on Travel Focussed Course Snapped Up

There has been a great deal of emphasis placed upon supplying students and indeed learners of all ages with the skills they would require in the workplace.

The recent Confederation of British Industry (CBI) survey on employers attitudes towards FE found that many believed the education system should be more employer focussed in terms of the subjects and courses offered. The review of the skills that will be required for the economy in 2020 being conducted by Lord Leitch at present indicate that the Government also believes this to be the key to economic viability in an increasingly competitive world.

At the Vanguard

In the rush to change and innovate, however, it is crucial not to trundle over that which already works and important not to ignore the successes that are already in evidence. At Barry College in Wales, one such success story is continuing to bear fruit as for the third year in succession almost all of the students who were involved on a course in Travel and Tourism have been snapped up by My Travel.

The students, studying at the College on the Overseas Reps course, have been offered positions within the company as Travel Reps. The students on the course were able to experience first hand just what being a Rep entails during their week working with My Travel Holiday Reps. This represents part of the 25 week programme for the aspiring Childrens Representatives, Transfer Representatives and Holiday Representatives working abroad.

The Experience

As anyone who has seen Holiday Reps at work can attest, the job is the exact opposite to a picnic. During their visit to the Costa Blanca, the Rep hopefuls were drawn into the working world of the professionals, accompanying them to the airport for transfers, preparing and executing “welcome events” for the holiday makers and visiting the hotels with the Reps.

A range of seminars were also prepared for the students that were delivered by members of the My Travel team. They were also taken on a tour of the resort offices in popular holiday destination Benidorm. Many will be returning to the site of their visit, and the students have now been placed at holiday resorts throughout Europe and the Canary Islands.

One of the students who successfully completed the course is Bethan Jones. She will now go on to work as a Children’s Rep in Tenerife, and said of the course: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at College and although it was very hard work it was all worth it as I am now doing the job I have always dreamed of doing. The week I spent on work experience in Benidorm just made me want to do the job even more. Just like the experienced Reps, we worked very hard indeed but had lots of fun too and Im over the moon at getting a job with My Travel.”

Jethro Marsh

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