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Apprenticeship Programmes a Perfect Opportunity for Youngsters

Youngsters looking for an opportunity to forge a career in the distribution sector rather than facing a job – market without hope of future prospects can now benefit from the logistics apprenticeship programmes launched by the West Cheshire College as a partner of Logistics College North West.

In partnership with Education and Training Solutions GB Ltd, the College has started apprenticeship training programmes at the CVL Distribution in Crewe, a contract distribution company engaged in delivering wines, spirits, beers, cigarettes and confectionary to 750 Bargain Booze shops throughout England and Wales. CVL has recognised the potential of several 16 to 18 year olds by employing them as drivers” mates, assisting the driver in carrying out their duties.

The Nature of Apprenticeships

40 apprentices taking part in this first of their kind programmes in the area cover two key areas – Driving Good Vehicles and Carry and Delivering Goods, which are linked to the Young Driver Training Scheme (YDS). Now, successful 18 year olds could drive a Class C vehicle after completion of the programme. The Driving Goods Vehicles area of the apprenticeship also helps the apprentice with passing theoretical and practical tests, a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in driving plus key skills in both application of numbers and communication.

The Carry and Deliver Goods apprenticeship gives 16 to 18 year olds the opportunity to learn to drive vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes “maximum authorised mass”. After learning to drive, they go on to prove their competency through the NVQ in Carrying and Delivering goods plus key skills in both application of number and communications.

Della Thomas, Project Manager for Logistics College North West at West Cheshire College said: “These unique apprenticeship schemes give young people a chance to prove competency and gain the right qualifications to fulfil a much needed role within the Logistics Sector.”

Aakriti Kaushik

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