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Bristol to Become Another Hub for 109 Different Nationalities

What exactly prompts people to leave their home country and take the bold decision to study abroad?

Looking back at the earlier years of primary education, there would be few who never wanted to get rid of piles of books, homeworks and examinations. Then, there is a sudden revival of thoughts and at this stage, international institutions offering degrees and diplomas look like the best options.

The complexity in deciding to go for education abroad is burgeoning, more so with numerous new courses emerging. However, many institutions are coming up with their own regional offices in various home countries, which enable students to gain the maximum consultation before applying.

Filton Popular

Bristol’s Filton College is proving to be a popular destination for overseas students, with some 109 different nationalities choosing to study at the college. These numbers are expected to rise with the start of new courses. The college has the highest number of international students from right across the globe it has ever had in its history.

“We have over 229 international students who have already enrolled onto our wide range of English courses, vocational courses and A-levels” says Fran Hollingworth, Filton College’s International Student Coordinator. “Our success is due to the fact that we offer weekly start dates for English courses throughout the academic year which provides increased flexibility for our students.”

Regional Office in China for Eastern Operations

To enable students to get access to proper consultation, the college has set up a new Guangzhou office in China that is proving to be a recipe for success with Recruitment Manager Ning Jia already recruiting two young Chinese Table Tennis Internationals for the College’s Bristol Academy of Sport Table Tennis Academy.

“We recruit a large number of students from China each academic year and with this demand it made sense to provide a permanent recruitment centre where we can offer advice and guidance to potential students of Filton College”, said Fran Hollingworth.

With more and more dedicated International offices in Colleges and Universities that claim to offer help to students at every stage of the enquiry, application and enrolment process, it is indeed perplexing for every student. The best of these should be the one that can offer services suited to individual requirements.

Aakriti Kaushik, International Education Correspondent

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